In October 2015, the Road Tunnel Operator Association voted to change its name to broaden its appeal, membership and field of interest beyond its previous limited remit. It therefore rebranded itself the "Road Tunnel Association."

The idea of the original body, formed in 2006, was to represent and promote the interests of organisations that own and manage road tunnels in the UK and Eire. A by-product of the open twice yearly (spring and autumn) two day Road Tunnel Operators Forums, held all around the country and even in Europe, the Association allowed owners and operators of 49 road tunnels in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, to share experiences and disseminate important information with aim of benefitting tunnel safety. Since inception it has enjoyed support from the Highways Agency - now Highways England.

The new Road Tunnel Association is a slightly broader church, and while still acting for the interests of Operators, it has become a centre for life safety engineering system design and operating excellence of tunnels via its membership of representative tunnel managers, tunnel Safety officers, maintainers, Fire Engineers, technical specifiers and industry experts.

Therefore, the RTA sits comfortably alongside its sister organisation, the British Tunnel Society (BTS), whose membership is primarily geotechnical mining engineers, Tunnel builders and specialist suppliers.

The Association has an elected Chair person, deputy Chair, an Honorary Secretary, Treasurer and a management committee, one of whom acts as Press /PR officer. Among the duties of the management committee is to oversee the constitution, outline the requirements for honorary membership (by invitation/recommendation), and where required, assess the suitability of candidates to become assessors for units of the ‘Diploma in Road Tunnel Operations‘ and drive forward the aims and business objectives.

The level 3 ‘Diploma in Road Tunnel Operations‘ was created by the then RTOA and our qualification partners, Pro-Qual, back in 2012, and enables tunnel Operators to validate the competency of their staff and controllers - the first such qualification in the world - to further enhance tunnel safety in the UK and Eire, where we already have an exemplary record.